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Into the Meadows, 2017, Phoebe Walsh. A Loluim Perienne grass blade, lost wax cast into recycled Sterling silver and 18ct gold vermeil. 

Wellcome Collection’s 2017 exhibition was made up of objects borrowed by the public, creating a collective snapshot of the way people relate to nature in modern life.  


Each object tells a unique and personal story, and for this exhibit Phoebe Walsh showed the 'Into The Meadows Necklace.' This necklace - a design inspired by childhood memories of playing carefree in the meadows of Heretfordshire.A precious moment recorded through the fleeting life of a botanical, eternalised into precious metals.

"Gathered together and placed on display these objects offer a different way of looking at the natural world," says exhibition curator Honor Beddard. "They may help us to visualise the links between how we live our lives and the future health of the planet."

Wellcome Collection is a museum and library founded in 2007 and located in the heart of London. They display permanent and temporary showcases of medical artefacts and art, to explore "ideas about the connections between medicine, life and art".


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