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Design around existing materials

Supporting the slow fashion movement, by turning broken stones and unused jewels into something beautiful and renewed. We can melt down the metal to use in the piece, and rework your own material.

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The Upcycling process allows you to repurpose your jewellery or heirlooms. The process is hand crafted so it's very precise and each jewellery item is made with extra care. Upcycled rings are beautiful because they hold the wonderful memories of the previous owners, so you can always carry them with you and pass it on to future generations.


We can repurpose your stones

Ellie commissioned this ring to be made reworking a later grandmother's diamond. We designed a hand-carved asymmetric ring around the platinum mounted diamond.


Turn unloved jewels into cherished keepsakes

Alice wanted to redesign an amethyst broach from her grandmother into a ring that could be worn everyday. We created a timeless Bespoke Blade ring with a specially designed setting to hold the Victorian stones.

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