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Past Exhibitions

Garden Museum

Flowers From the Frontline 
Dates: 12.11.22 - 19.02.23
10am to 5pm

Closing Ceremony + Charity Raffle
6pm - 8pm

Garden Museum, Lambeth Palace Road
London, SE1 7LB

Inspired by objects of flowers and war in the Garden Museum archive, Phoebe set in motion a new body of work drawn to the new frontlines in Ukraine. The exhibition shares the journey of a herbariums of flowers, collected by Kyivian artist Olga Morozova, as her city fell ablaze. These flowers were pressed in books, shipped to Phoebe's studio in London and eternalised in a series of miniature silver pressed flower book. The exhibition itself shows a valuable insight into what life is like in wartime Ukraine and continues the conversation of the ongoing struggles in Ukraine whilst raising money for charities. The exhibition showcases artwork by Olga Morozova, Philip Norman and a documentary excerpt by Carmela Corbett. 

The Flowers From The Frontline Exhibition, concluded with an evening of music, drinks, poetry readings and a charity fundraising raffle. The event helped raise £1266.40 for charities in Ukraine. 


Wellcome Collection
A Museum of Modern Nature
Dates: 22.07.17 - 08.10.17
Visiting Hours: 10am to 5pm

Wellcome Collection, 183 Euston Road

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