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The Bespoke Process

Every bespoke is truly unique and evolves differently. To aid the process, designer and maker Phoebe follows several stages to create each one.


Our Consultation

We begin with a consultation to outline your vision for the piece. In this stage, I'll ask you to note any special requirements including: design considerations; requested size; budget; timeframe and metal preference. If we are reworking your jewels I will organise the safe delivery of the pieces to my studio. If you would to recycle any precious metals towards the making of your piece, this is something I am particularly keen on and am happy to facilitate. 

Following this, I will create a digital moodboard for you to add any images of inspiration for the piece. I encourage you to share images of work you like to aid the designing process! This will begin as the foundation for the initial designs I make you.


Using your outlined brief, we will begin the initial stage of designing. We may go back-and-forth at this stage until we have the perfect design for you! I work freehand initially but depending on the design, I may complete this stage in digital renders.


Once the final design is agreed, I will take a 50% deposit to begin the project, and 50% will be due on completion. 



Once I have the design information, I will begin making. Each bespoke requires a different approach to creating and varies in time to make. This process typically takes between 4-8 weeks to complete, but it may vary. 

Depending on the design I will either carve your design in wax, or using Computer Aided Design, before Lost wax casting. All gold pieces will be Assay Hallmarked for authenticity and every bespoke will arrive in our signature bespoke packaging. 

Photos can be requested of the bespoke journey if you would like to see how your piece was made!



"I asked Phoebe to design something sensitive, natural and unique and that’s exactly what she created. We were all very close to my grandma and having this ring, redesigned from grandmothers broach, means she can be reminded of her every day."

Start your journey with us today!

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