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Jewellery Care

We want your Jewels looking and lasting their best so we have written a few care instructions to help guide you on your journey together:



Our recycled sterling silver can tarnish over time as the silver reacts to the unique alchemy of your skin. We advise avoiding perfumes and skincare products and investing in a polishing cloth to help your lustrous finish last longer. 


Gold Vermeil / Gold Plated

These are both semi-permanent finishes that with wear in over time. The base metal is coated in 3 microns of 18 carat gold. Depending on how much you wear your piece, this finish lasts 3-6 months on average or up to a year if you take good care! Store your jewellery in your box or keepsake pouch. Avoid any heat or moisture, and remove your jewels to wash, exercise or when applying beauty products.



Oxidisation is a natural patina change that occurs on all silver over time. On some of our jewels we chemically oxidise the surface to highlight the delicate surface texture. Over time this semi-permanent finish may change as it reacts and settles to your skin; heightening exposed polished areas and darkening oxidised details. 

Need any polishing or topping up on your finishes? We'd be happy to help you out, contact us.  

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