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Sustainable jewellery, crafted with love 


Phoebe makes all our jewellery herself by hand from her London Studio. We support family businesses and local companies, and are fully UK based. At the heart is a practice that celebrates hand-made design and supporting our local community. Each design is  made using 100% Recycled precious metals. 




As a designer creating with a love for the natural world, Phoebe strongly believes that manufacturing practices should come with a consideration to the environment. The Waste-Not-Want-Not scheme has been created to rewards the recycling of metals. Upcycling metal is something that Phoebe feels very passionate about. Making each piece to order encourages slow fashion and reduces waste. Through our use of recycled gold and silver, we emit 2/3 less CO2 emissions than mined metals. Alongside this, our designs are produced by hand with the utmost care to ensure your jewellery lasts future generations.

Designed To Last

Conscious making


Our jewellery is expertly crafted with the intention to last more than your lifetime, so that one day your heirloom can be passed down to future generations. Our Bespokes come protected with a warranty to ensure its longevity and we offer repairs. 


One of the many wonders of working with precious metals, is they have the ability to have many lifespans' and be reformed into something new. All jewellery made by Phoebe works with recycling already mined material. In addition, you can upcycle old heirlooms into a bespoke design with us, discover here.  

Our Pledge


We cast all of our pieces using 100% Recycled Gold or Recycled Eco-Silver. We encourage customers to upcycle old or broken jewels into their bespokes. We deduct the price of metal against the jewels.

Travel Less

We 100% Support UK businesses, which means less travelling for raw materials. 


We use recycled materials where possible. All orders are shipped using recycled ribbon, recycled acid free tissue paper and are sent in compostable bags. We aim to use fully FSC approved packaging by 2023.

Waste-Not, Want-Not

If you have precious metals you would like to donate to our recycling program, we will give you credit to use in-store. Your metal will be reused and cast into new pieces of jewellery through our recycling scheme. Email us to find out more.

How It Works

It pays to be kind!

Send us in your old jewellery and we will reward you with in store credit. Your unloved or broken old jewellery with go on to be reworked into jewellery that someone else cherishes!


1. Make sure your pieces are hallmarked, and you have a minimum of 8grams in your bundle

2. Send it in

3. We will process the package, recycle your metal

4. You'll be rewarded you with in-store credit along with free postage on your next order. 



wate-not, want-not
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