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Love, loss, or new adventures; whatever your journey, there is nothing more precious than creating an heirloom to cherish lifes' momentous occasions. Whatever you dream up, and however ambitious, each bespoke will be tailor made to your taste and desire! All bespoke jewellery is made to last, with the philosophy that Fine jewellery should pass through many generations. 

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"A true master of her craft and a wonderful person to work with. Throughout the process Phoebe’s communication, professionalism & skill has been unrivalled. Every detail has been thought through in incredible detail, and is fantastically obvious in the final product. I would urge anyone thinking of a bespoke to contact Phoebe."

Ben Bailey

A Curation Of Our

Turn broken stones and unused jewels into something beautiful and new. We can melt down the metal to use in the piece, and rework your own material.

Tie the know with a handmade shop stopper.

Phoebe specialises in creating handmade botanical jewellery, so why not pick your own botanicals to work into your jewellery.

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