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Botanical Tales

Transform your favourite Botanicals into Bespoke jewels

We LOVE to create jewellery from botanicals. To cherish what you or your loved ones have grown, or experienced together is something truly special. Turning botanicals into precious metal is a unique specialty of ours. This process of transformation can make for timeless jewellery, of immense sentiment.


Lichen Proposals

Cookies engagement was made using Lichen picked on forest walks with her partner.

Sister Rings

Grown from the same patch

These lucky ladies decided to mark their friendship by commissioning a series of one-off Fine blade rings, made from grasses grown in the same patch. Each of the rings were made in different metals according to their taste; including 925 Sterling Silver, 9ct Yellow and white gold (Recycled always.) 

Fine Blade rings are part of our standard collection.


How it works

To start your botanical tale, we begin with the flora. 

Plants, grasses, flowers or other kinds of flora are dried and pressed before being cast into one-off pieces of jewellery using the process of lost wax casting.


Either send us in your own foraged botanicals or use botanicals we have foraged. We recommend sending folded between the pages of hard paper or card. 


We will need several samples as there is risk the material may not take in the process. Please ensure you follow your local foraging laws. 



Once we have the plants in the studio, we will dry and press them ready to use in the design. This process can take 1-2 weeks to complete. Drying is an important process as it allows the water to leave the plant and hardens the surface. In order to work these into our ring waxes we need them fully dry. 

Jewellery Carving

You will develop and approve the final design before designer Phoebe will begin hand carving your jewellery in wax using the plants. These will be cast directly into your chosen precious metal to form a totally one-off bespoke.

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