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A Lichen Proposal

Cookies's proposal ring for Billy

Artic Lichen foraged on their recent adventures in Scandanavia form the basis of this very special ring. Lichen flowers are cast into this recycled 9ct Gold band and adorned with a scattering of blue sapphires.


The Brief

"Having a design which was sentimental and unique, perhaps even unusual - were all things I thought would suit my partner."


The Design

Cookie wanted an asymmetric band, with moments of break in the texture. We created several versions before settling on our favourite.


The Process

The ring was carved by hand to incorporate the florets ofs lichen, with small sections considered for the sapphires before lost wax casting. The Sapphires were flush set seamlessly into the texture.


Final Piece

Cookie proposed to her boyfriend with the finished ring. Some of the original lichen was Wax sealed into the package, to bring the scent of the Hargarvaarden forest to the occasion.

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