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Loveletter To Kyiv

loveletter to kyiv - dec 221853.jpg
Questions4Later            Rapper & Musician
loveletter to kyiv - dec 221870.jpg
Mariia            Founder of the Art Unit
Natasha          Model and Founder Gemina Corp
loveletter to kyiv - dec 221892.jpg
Katherina                      Set Designer
loveletter to kyiv - dec 221879.jpg
Missiga            & Model & Fin
loveletter to kyiv - dec 221899.jpg
Oleksandra                            Artist
loveletter to kyiv - dec 221875.jpg
Natasha          Model and Founder Gemina Corp
For this collection, Phoebe's work is brought to life by a handful of incredible Ukrainian creatives based here in the UK, seen above. Each muse has inspired the creation of, and helped dream up the narrative of two designs from the collection, sharing their own story in the process. 

"I was searching for narratives of strength in this body of work - individuals who are resilience and strength personified. In searching, I discovered so many young, vibrant creatives, close to home who have such power in their voices. I wanted to share that, and hopefully bring a sense to each of our wearers in the collection. I hope each person who choses to celebrate Loveletter to Kyiv will do be inspired by the multiple jo
urnies hidden within."

Phoebe Walsh

From torched earth and destruction, comes little morsels of hope, growing in tiny blossoming forms. In Phoebe's 2023 collection, Loveletter to Kyiv, each design is woven from flowers that have had an epic journey of their own; collected originally in Ukraine by an artist dreaming of peace, and sent to Phoebe's studio to eternalise in precious metals, immortalising hope, and giving back to local artists in Ukraine in the process through our fund.   

Each design in this collection holds its own Kyiv botanical cast into the surface. The journey of the Kyiv war flowers used to make these works mirror a journey in each of the muses, who too have traveled across many seas and lands to re-root and bloom in pastures anew. In their wake, stirring new dreams, ripples of movement, ignited with their defiance and courage. Take a look at our muses:
Olga Morozova
Artist & Collaborator

There would be no collection had it not been for the brave, trusting nature and resilience of Olga, who from many countries afar responded to a call to action to go searching for flowers in a time of war. In collaboration with Phoebe, the result of this journey has led to the Flowers from the Frontline Exhibiton, Garden Museum, London, and entire creation of Loveletter to Kyiv. 

Above: Olga in Popudrenko Park where she picked the flowers. Olga remains in Kyiv despite the war and continues to create. The park remains a sanctuary and peaceful respite from daily life. 

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