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Painting with Flowers, Ring
  • Painting with Flowers, Ring



    Individual flower rings woven into delicate forms in 100% recycled Sterling Silver. 


    A series of flower rings in an ascending 'v' shape. These are in honour of  artists that bring to life their own worlds with each creation. Each ring is made by hand in wax and therefore no two are the same. 


    Flowers foraged by Olga Morozova in Popudrenko Park, Kyiv, Ukraine. March 2022.



    “A set of rings is a flight of creativity in its purest form with spread wings above the clouds - when there are no external or internal barriers.”


    Olga Morozova, Kyivian based painter. 


    *Limited Edition release.* There will be just 1/15 available in Batch 01, so get yours whilst you can. 



    925 Sterling Silver



    Silver, 18ct Gold vermeil



    Please allow 2 - 3 weeks to hand make yours. 



      LOVELETTER TO KYIV | Spring 2023

      Dreamlike in aesthetic, the designs reveal texture left behind from the war flowers which were burnt into the metal surface. The flowers were picked from the new frontlines in Kyiv and eternalised in recycled precious metals. 

      The project began in March when a brave Kyivan artist Olga Morozova agreed to go searching for flowers as her city fell ablaze. The pressed botanicals, were picked by Morozova in the first spring as frost thawed and bombing raids tormented Kyiv. The collection is a symbol of hope and flourishing in a time of great upheaval; a reminder that while life may be fragile, it is resilient.

      Celebrating the creative voices of 6 Ukranian Muses behind the collection, who have the power to inspire and create.


      20% sales to support artists in Ukraine. 

    • MUSE

      OLGA | MUSE

      Olga, @Olha_moro, is a Ukrainian artist known for making beautiful abstract oil paintings. A mother, teacher and individual loyal to her home, choosing to remain and create in Kyiv despite the circumstances of war.

      Olga is a great inspiration. She shows us all how to seek solitude and peace through creating; drawing great strength from it when she its of greatest need. Since the war, she has been teaching young students how to draw to pass time as the alert sirens call and all is forced to underground bomb shelters. 

      There would be no collection had it not been for the brave, trusting nature and resilience of Olga, who from many countries afar responded to a call to action to go searching for flowers as her city fell ablaze. The first flowers of spring since war broke out in Ukraine were collected from Popudrenko park in Kyiv by Olga and have led to the entire creation of Loveletter to Kyiv.



      20% of sales will go to Future of Ukraine, a foundation that artist Olga Morozova has set up for this collection and project.

      The fund has been set up to help support talented young artists in Kyiv by providing essential art supplies and materials to further their skills. 

      Many students who remained in Kyiv during the war have been unable to escape the realities of frequent air raids, violence and disruptions. Olga has been teaching in the shelters, and has noticed how powerful this time can be to create art, build their own realities and nurture skills. With Olgas' teaching, and access to tools through this foundation, we can invest in the talented younger generations in Ukraine.

      "I think this will help the gifted youth. Many students cannot buy the necessary materials (paints, canvases, ect.) and they really want the support. After all, they stayed in Kyiv, often working in extreme conditions, but they never ceased to enjoy life and hope." Olga Morozova, discusses the dream behind 'Future of Ukraine' foundation. 

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