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  • Mazepa



    Mazepa, a Wheatsheaf Signet in 100% recycled sterling silver.


    A split blade of grass gives way to a square signet cap, adorned in light whispers of detail, painted onto the wax with grass seed heads. This signet is made as an ode to medieval Kyivian Rus period heirlooms, reworked in this modern mythology with Phoebe's signature use of grasses. Let the wearer know this is a powerful ring, of old times and new.


    Wheat foraged by Anya, from a village outside of Kyiv, Ukraine. March 2022.


    *Limited Edition release.* There will be just 1/10 available in Batch 01, so get yours whilst you can.


    MUSES' TALE“Mazepa was a Ukrainian statesman and military leader who served as the Hetman of Zaporizhian Host, a Cossack state in modern-day Ukraine, from 1687 to 1708. Mazepa is remembered as one of the most influential figures in Ukrainian history, known for his efforts to reform the Cossack state and strengthen its independence. The signet is inspired by Kievan Rus, the origins of Ukrainian state and Cossack state, and with its powerful stature it should command power and strength of a famous Ukrainian leader like Ivan Mazepa.”


    Questions4Later, Andrey. Ukrainian Rapper.



    925 Sterling Silver



    Silver, Gold Vermeil details, Oxidised Black details.



    This design is made to order. Please allow 2-3 weeks to create yours.


      LOVELETTER TO KYIV | Spring 2023

      Dreamlike in aesthetic, the designs reveal texture left behind from the war flowers which were burnt into the metal surface. The flowers were picked from the new frontlines in Kyiv and eternalised in recycled precious metals. 

      The project began in March when a brave Kyivan artist Olga Morozova agreed to go searching for flowers as her city fell ablaze. The pressed botanicals, were picked by Morozova in the first spring as frost thawed and bombing raids tormented Kyiv. The collection is a symbol of hope and flourishing in a time of great upheaval; a reminder that while life may be fragile, it is also resilient.

      Celebrating the creative voices of 6 Ukranian Muses behind the collection, who have the power to inspire and create.


      20% sales to support artists in Ukraine. 

    • MUSE

      Q4L | MUSE

      Questions4later (Q4L), @Questions4later, is known for reworking moody Toronto hip hop influences into his signature rap style. We are drawn to the strength of his creative voice and multidisciplinary practice of connecting new audiences to his hometown of Kyiv.

      Originally from Kyiv, Ukraine, Questions4Later spent his early years in Toronto before moving to London, UK. Throughout this time he always kept close to his Ukrainian roots whilst being influenced by the discovery of new music genres. With a hip hop foundation, his unique voice weaves a North American influence with his Ukrainian heritage.

      Q4L creates to inspire connections and motivate people to consider life’s vulnerable moments and feel comfortable with the unknown.



      20% of sales will go to Future of Ukraine, a foundation that artist Olga Morozova has set up for this collection and project.

      The fund has been set up to help support talented young artists in Kyiv by providing essential art supplies and materials to further their skills. 

      Many students who remained in Kyiv during the war have been unable to escape the realities of frequent air raids, violence and disruptions. Olga has been teaching in the shelters, and has noticed how powerful this time can be to create art, build their own realities and nurture skills. With Olgas' teaching, and access to tools through this foundation, we can invest in the talented younger generations in Ukraine.

      "I think this will help the gifted youth. Many students cannot buy the necessary materials (paints, canvases, ect.) and they really want the support. After all, they stayed in Kyiv, often working in extreme conditions, but they never ceased to enjoy life and hope." Olga Morozova, discusses the dream behind 'Future of Ukraine' foundation. 

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