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Couple's Workshop | Carve your own Rings
  • Couple's Workshop | Carve your own Rings

    In this private couples workshop, Phoebe will tailor the day to guide you in designing and carving your very own one-of-a-kind rings, completely by hand, in jewellery wax. The designs will then be cast using the ancient technique of Lost Wax casting, and finished in the precious metals of your choosing. The workshop lasts approximately 4 hours.


    Carving in wax allows you the chance to create complex designs, explore texture and have a lot of freedom that isn't granted when working in metal. 


    "For an insight to one of the most precious and ancient jewellery making methods, I couldnt recommend the Carve your own Rings Workshop more! You have endless possibilities working in wax, and can do so much to put your own mark or spin on personal creations." Phoebe Walsh.


    This workshop has the option to be run from Phoebe's studio, or at a remote location. If you would like to discuss options, please get in touch and email to discuss further.


    Lost wax Process


    Lost wax casting is used to produce detailed, intricate designs in metal. The technique originated thousands of years ago, and still plays a very important role in the jewellery trade today. The wax will be vacuum moulded in a process called Lost Wax carving that is a standard practice in the jewellery industry, and leaves you with one single metal casting. This means it will be the only one that exists, with every file and movement you make in the band is recorded in the metal forever. 


    What Happens After?


    After carving your ring, and selecting your metal, the piece will take 2-3 weeks to finish. Your rings will receive assay hallmarkings to certify the metal quality. Any specialty finishes can be noted and completed for you under your request (satin / high-polish finish.) 


    Please note, metal cost will be charged in addition to the workshop class and it will be calculated based on the weight of the wax you create, and metalyou select to work with. 






    • What to expect

      To begin, Phoebe will book you in for a virtual consultation to prepare you for the day and outline how we will go about creating. If you have any ideas about what you would like to make, or would like to rework old precious metals into the piece, this is the place to discuss. In the consultation, you will be encouraged to consider ring shapes, discuss which metal and carat you would like to use,  so the class will be adapted to your every needs. 

      She will then source a selection of speciality jewellery waxes to the dimension and shape of your liking. 

      You will be welcomed into the studio with tea, coffee and refreshments as Phoebe runs through the day, tailoring the workshop to your specific needs and making.

      Phoebe will walk you through each step of crafting your own rings from designing on paper to carving in wax, ring sizing and selecting your final finishes. Throughout the day, you will be guided as you shape, file and sand your rings in wax, or carve the form. It will be a hands on day, so prepare to get a little messy, especially as we resize the waxes!

      You will be provided with lunch, snacks and a complimentary glass of sparkly to round off the day. 

      Afterwards, Phoebe will make notes of any additional elements such as additional stones and engravings, and take the rings away for assay hallmarking and finishing. 

      Your rings can be arranged for collection or posted once ready - approximately 3 weeks from the workshop class. 

    • Location

      The workshop can be run at Phoebe's South Bermondsey studio, or remotely. 

      To have the workshop at the comfort of your own home, it will require a well lit table space suitable to hold 2x A3 boards for your making. Please note the wax will make a little mess in the process, however it's easy to brush away and does not stain / is harmless to the body.

      Available sessions on friday- sunday. 

    • Tools

      This workshop required working with a sharp scalpel. This instrument has the potential to be hazardous if used incorrectly. If you are uncomfortable using a scalpel, it may be worth considering an alternative workshop as it's an essential part. Tea lights will also be provided for melting the wax, along with heated wax pens. 

    • Additional costs

      In the class you will design and create your own ring wax which will be cast into a metal of your chosing, and priced accordingly to the current price of silver or gold. If selecting gold, you can chose to cast in white, yellow or rose colour, and in the carats; 9ct, 14ct, 18ct or 22ct. 

      Fairtrade metals are an option, please let us know if you would like yours cast in these metals before as the procedure is a little longer. 


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