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Alice's Journey

Moments to Remember

An asymmetric 9ct Blade ring, set with a beautiful redesigned Amythst.

The Brief

Alice approached me with her late grandmother's brooch and asked me to redesign the piece into a ring for her mother. 

‘After my grandma sadly passed away last year, she left me an amethyst ring with matching brooch. As I felt that I wouldn’t put the brooch to use, I asked Phoebe to re-design it for me and turn in into a ring for my mother."


The Design

Alice wanted a design that was sensitive, natural and unique. Naturally with our love of nature we asked to incorporate some grass blades into the design which Alice was delighted with.  

"Phoebe drew so many wonderful designs it was hard to choose! "

The Ring

"When I gave the ring to my mum for her birthday she cried, we were all very close to my grandma and having this ring means that my mum can be reminded of her every day, thank you Phoebe for bringing this ring to life, you truly are a talent."

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