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Kyiv Art Resistance

Supporting Artists in Ukraine


'George the Victorious, over the night Kiev fights with a snake.' Olga Morozova, 2022.


 The 'Kyiv Art Resistance' is a platform to support Ukrainian artists who have chosen to stay in Kyiv. Prints of their work are for sale, with all proceeds going to Olga Morozova who will distribute across her community of artists, their families and for the restoration of Ukraine. 


This project is an act of solidarity with Ukraine. By offering a platform to support artists that are remaining in the city, we aim to raise urgent funds to help the people of Ukraine through this devastating crisis. The invasion and attack on Ukraine is a global emergency and we stand in support. 

Olga Morozova

Olga decided to stay in her hometown of Kyiv with her family. A painter by nature, she continues to create each day. Recording in her delicate pastel works she captures the beauty, hope and resistance alive and strong in a time of otherwise great uncertainty.


"My painting is not only a work with colour, it is a work with the unbridled energy, wit which I came into this world. This is a "wild horse", which I am trying to saddle. They say there is no good or bad energy, it's just energy. I feel a strong flow, sometimes a real avalanche. In my case, it sublimates into a stream of colour. I'm trying to control it, structure it, give it a shape, grab the "dragon" by the tail and calm it down."  


Available works

Oranta Protector, sleeping Kyiv.jpg

Olga Morozova

Oranta, Protector Of Sleeping Kyiv

Pastels, 2022. A4 150gsm Arcoprint-Milk

All available works are printed at Heron Dawson & Sawyer on Fine A4 Paper. 

Recommended donation amount £30 each.

Sales are processed through out Just Giving page below. If you would like to purchase a print of Olga's beautiful paintings then message us on our Just Giving page. 

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