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Jenna's Trestle pair

A Topaz and Sapphire Trestle Ring Pair

Jenna’s trestle ring is defined by a beautiful 10mm white topaz centre piece and London blue trillion cut shoulders encased in a decorative filigree scrollwork that is inspired by their life near the forest and sea. Sitting alongside, a beautiful engraved wed-fit sapphire pave ring with decorative entwining flora on the back. 

jenna initial designs-1.jpg

The Brief

Jenna wanted to make a commitment pair of rings that used beautiful topaz and sapphires. She requested incorporating some elements of the sea and woods as a nod to where she and her partner grew up.


The Design

The initial ideas were drawn by hand before being rendered digitally. I worked with a computer aided design (CAD) specialist to carve the design into the setting. This allowed for precise definition in the scroll and seascape to be detailed across the piece. At the final stage, both rings were hand engraved to add in further dimensions and texture into the piece.

Platinium and 9ctwg Band.JPG

The Process

The gold and platinum were salvaged from Jenna's rings and reworked into this unique piece. The platinum band was reformed into the stone setting, whilst the white gold was used to create both the bands. The pair were finished by hand.


Final Piece

"As someone who is VERY precious about their jewellery, I cannot recommend Phoebe highly enough. She is meticulous, sympathetic, incredibly talented and an absolute joy to work with." Jenna H

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