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Olga Morozova
Painter and collector of the Herbarium 

Olga Morozova is a Ukrainian artist born in Kyiv. She received a master's degree in painting from the National Academy of Arts and Architecture in 1998. She has participated in more than twenty solo exhibitions and over one hundred group exhibitions and international projects.

In 2019, Morozova represented Ukraine in Dubai at the 
exhibition ‘Women Artists from 100 Countries’; in 2022 she took part in the exhibition of Ukrainian artists as part of the Venice Biennale; and in December 2022 she will represent Ukraine at the Asian Art Bienniale in Bangladesh. Morozova consciously chose the Fauvist palette, adopting the strong colours and fierce brushwork style. Working intuitively, Morozova boldly layers colours to create eye-catching compositions. The powerful
temperament of an outwardly fragile woman is embodied in the graphic focus on the motif, in expressive and improvisational writing, in ornamental and decorative solutions. Morozova’s paintings are impressive, like stained glass windows, and create a luminous aura around them.
“Kyiv is immersed in the greenery of parks in the summer.  I have a lot of favourite parks, depending on my mood,  but the parks on the slopes of the Dnieper, the Fomin Botanical Garden and a small park near the house are the parks named after Popudrenko. In it, I walked with the children, created a huge number of sketches and paintings, ran in the mornings and practiced qigong... Trenchesbegan to be dug in our park at the beginning of April. The  enemy was 20 minutes away from us. Tension hung in the air. Divergents often broke through. We live today, without  plans but with hope” Olga Morozova.  
Currently, Olga is working on a new series of vibrant pastel paintings as a response to life in Kyiv which is often now in darkness and seen by torch light due to the frequent power outages. The ever changing circumstances, which might challenge most, has only fuelled Olga’s creativity.

Left: Artist Olga Morozova, in Popudrenko Park, Kyiv. Sep tember 2022.  

Carmela Corbett
Documentary filmmaker

Carmela Corbett is an actress, writer and producer. She is the director of Corbett Productions LTD and lives in New York City where she mentors and teaches young performers. In October 2020 Carmela wrote, produced and starred in the British short film, Her Majesty, executive produced by Pete Townshend and directed by Rebekah Fortune. The film premiered at the Oscar/BAFTA qualifying LA Shorts 2021. Most recently Carmela won a best actress award for her work in the film at both The Strasberg film festival and the Midlands Film Awards UK. The film won Best Drama Short from the New Renaissance Festival Amsterdam 2022, Audience Choice award from HollyShorts 2022 and multiple accolades from the Lee Strasberg Film Festival 2022.

Currently fundraising for and working on the feature length documentary entitled Flowers From The FrontLine. For more information head to:

Flowers from the Frontline, Documentary excerpt, 2023, Corbett Productions.

Emma Pratte.jpg

“I had witnessed Phoebe and Olga’s relationship from afar for many months. I continue to be amazed that such a creative force could be ignited amidst such darkness. It is an immense privilege to now have this lens into both their worlds and my hope is that through our work on the documentary greater attention will be given to the war effort and greater support given to the artists of Ukraine.”


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