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Loveletter to Kyiv - Dec 220730.jpg
The muses represent what is at the very core of this collection: real people, the face of artists doing wonderful and inspiring things, in a challenging time. Each design in the collection has been named by their muse and shares a part of their unique story and journey from Ukraine to London. These “untouchables” are emblems of hope. 

Drawn to the power of their creative voices, these individuals are resilience and strength personified. Each muse has inspired the creation of, and helped dream up the narrative behind several designs from the collection. 
Loveletter to Kyiv - Dec 221851.jpg
Questions4Later            Rapper & Musician
Loveletter to Kyiv - Dec 221883.jpg
Missiga            Model & Economist


Questions4later (Q4L), @Questions4later, is known for reworking moody Toronto hip hop influences into his signature rap style. We are drawn to the strength of his creative voice and multidisciplinary practice of connecting new audiences to his hometown of Kyiv.

Originally from Kyiv, Ukraine, Questions4Later spent his early years in Toronto before moving to London, UK. Throughout this time he always kept close to his Ukrainian roots whilst being influenced by the discovery of new music genres. With a hip hop foundation, his unique voice weaves a North American influence with his Ukrainian heritage.


Q4L creates to inspire connections and motivate people to consider life’s vulnerable moments and feel comfortable with the unknown.


@Miss_iv, Missiga, is both a creative beauty and academic. Alongside her modelling and acting career, she is an economist and works in finance. Kyiv will always be her home, though at this time she has relocated to Peterborough, UK, until she can return to a peaceful Ukraine. In the early stages of war, she and her husband regularly filled their boot with food, nappies and baby food to drive to the greyzones and help young new families or set up aid community groups to help those most in need.

Drawn to her warmth, kindness of spirit and desire to do good in her community; the designs named after her are both delicate and light-to-the-touch, whilst also having a sociable design element. 

Loveletter to Kyiv - Dec 221866_edited.jpg
Mariia            Founder of the Art Unit
loveletter to kyiv - dec 221899.jpg
Oleksandra                            Artist


Mariia, @theartunit, is a celebrator of the arts and has made a name for herself by founding the Art Unit in 2020. The digital platform provides a space to connect emerging artists with international audiences, offering a much needed voice to new talent.

Mariia moved to London from Ukraine to study History of Art 10 years ago. Since relocating, she continues to celebrate the good talent of Ukrainian artists from her home country to new audiences here in the UK alongside her various other roles within the art sector. Hardworking and studious, Mariia has managed to launch The Art Unit alongside several roles at eminent London galleries and auction houses, all at the tender age of 27.

In this journey, Mariia has been, and continues to be, a phenomenal resource in connecting artists, couriers and even flowers from Kyiv to this project. Like her father, she has an uncanny ability to hold note of moments, parcels of knowledge and share with hope of helping those around her in any way she can.

Designs inspired by Mariia are full of colour and optimism for Mariia is a woman of vision and hope. Collections of social flowers are a note to her wonderful ability to communicate, whilst bright sparkling Topaz for the pure passion and blue sky thinking.


Oleksandra, @oleksansdra_m_art, is a painter, designer and mother. In her portraiture, Oleksandra explores themes of promise and hope by depicting the younger generation as grand characters, looked up to by observers. Her young idols are bold, frequently familiar, with her son being a focal point in many paintings as her chosen muse. 

The strong maternal bond between mother and son is what guided her to leave life and family behind in Kyiv 2022, and is a source of great inspiration to Phoebe. The designs inspired by Oleksandra are often seen in the subtlety of flower pairs as a nod to this bond - a pair of delicate folding flowers in a maternal embrace; or a double armour flower ring with strength in numbers.


Natasha          Model and Founder Gemina Corp
Loveletter to Kyiv - Dec 221893.jpg
Katherina                      Set Designer
Loveletter to Kyiv - Dec 221872.jpg
Natasha          Model and Founder Gemina Corp


Katherina (@katherina_kubanova) is a talented set-designer known for dreaming up fantasy scenes for commercial and creative sets; transforming white sterile studios into new worlds over a matter of hours. Her art has seen her travel internationally.

At the ripe age of 26 she left Kyiv to pursue her career in Stockholm then London, where she is based at this time. 

Inspired by her aesthetic, the designs named after Katherina adorn the skin with delicacy and also draw the gaze. Phoebe is inspired by Katherina's unique alchemy of strength, defiance and creativity; alongside a timid shyness that lies within many of us.​


Natasha, @natasha_kasatkina, is a striking model who has travelled the world as a professional face in fashion. Alongside getting in front of the camera, she has several successful business enterprises including Gemina Corp model agency, which frontlines Ukrainian models in the UK, along with music label Basanta which was launched with her partner. Having moved to London eight years ago, she has become a firmly established face in the UK fashion industry. 


The designs named after Natasha are inspired by her radiance and ability to adapt to new environments; often taking fluid and moving forms. The soft versatility are mirrored in timeless pearls and woven floral armour rings.  

Olga Morozova
Artist & Collaborator


Olga, @Olha_moro, is a Ukrainian artist known for making beautiful abstract oil paintings. A mother, teacher and individual loyal to her home, choosing to remain and create in Kyiv despite the circumstances of war.

Olga is a great inspiration. She shows us all how to seek solitude and peace through creating; drawing great strength from it when she it’s of greatest need. Since the war, she has been teaching young students how to draw to pass time as the alert sirens call and all is forced to underground bomb shelters. 

There would be no collection had it not been for the brave, trusting nature and resilience of Olga, who from many countries afar responded to a call to action to go searching for flowers as her city fell ablaze. The first flowers of spring since war broke out in Ukraine were collected from Popudrenko park in Kyiv by Olga and have led to the entire creation of Loveletter to Kyiv.

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