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A Reimagined Engagement Ring

Deborah's original wedding and engagement rings held tremendous sentimental value. Inspired by her Irish family heritage, we developed the design around The Trinity Knot which is a celtic emblem of love. The gold, sapphires and diamond were reworked from two original wedding rings into a unique engagement ring. Each of the seven hand-cut precious stones had a custom made collet made to fit their unique shape and size.


The Brief

Deborah provided her pair of 9ct wedding rings to rework which had been worn for 35 years. As seen, the old engagement ring was set in an antique style halo with dark blue sapphires revolving around a diamond center. Whilst the wedding band was hand decorated with an engraved triangular pattern. 

"My wedding and engagement rings had become too small and worn out... Their sentimental value far outweighed any desire for me to replace them."

Deborah walker preliminary designs_0002.

The Design

Deborah requested a modern engagement ring, with a celtic twist. It would be made to honour each of her seven stones. We whittled down the idea over several design rounds. 


The Process

Once the design was chosen, the drawing was digitally drawn up using Computer Aided Design. This allowed for the perfect proportions of the rope work to be created around the stones.

Once the design was approved, it was printed into wax. To rework the materials each of the stones were carefully unset, and the 9ct gold from both provided rings were melted down and cast into Deborah's new Celtic Engagement Ring. Phoebe carefully cleaned, polished, and set the piece by hand. 


Final Piece

"Phoebes approach to reworking my rings and bringing them back to life, by making one out of two, was so thoughtful and inspired. The personal approach to Phoebe’s design process made me feel totally at the centre. As I expressed my thoughts, Phoebe took them all into consideration. I am thrilled with my new ring – she is beautiful! Thank you Phoebe"

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