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A Reimagined Signet Ring

For Ben, we made a modern heirloom Signet ring in recycled gold. Hidden inside, the insignia ‘QUID – CLARIUS – ASTRIUS’ is engraved on the inside of the band, while a star-set diamond on the profile is inspired by the family motto - “What is brighter than the stars.”  The ring is designed around a beautiful 2.13 carat deep green square cushion Tourmaline centrepiece and holds two birthstones on either shoulder; a Ruby, to celebrate his late Mother's birthday, and Champagne Topaz, to celebrate Ben's birthday. The piece is complete with a magnificent hand engraving. 


The Brief

An old signet, well worn and within the family for at least three generations was molten down to form Ben's redesigned Modern Heirloom signet. 

“I wanted a jeweller to redesign the ring using raw materials in a new fashion to keep this ‘heirloom’ within the family, and in a beautiful condition.”


The Design

Ben expressed an interested in using a green center stones, alongside a ruby and topaz shoulder stone to symbolise significant birthdays. Once the central stone was decided, we explored engraving styles best to incorporate in the birthstones shoulders.


The Process

The ring was carved by hand to fit the Tourmaline and shoulders using special jewellers wax to do this before lost wax casting. The gold from Ben's original ring was reformed by being cast into his new signet. The signet had a combination of different setting techniques to carefully apply it's stones. Asymmetrical filigree hand engraving adorned the setting


Final Piece

"Throughout the process from initial conception to delivery Phoebes communication, professionalism & skill has been unrivalled. Every detail throughout the process Phoebe has thought about in incredible detail and this is fantastically obvious in the final product. 


I would urge anyone that is thinking of a bespoke jewellery piece to contact Phoebe; she is a true master of her craft. I will definitely be returning for any future jewellery needs.

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