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Ukraine for the Future

Helping the next generation of artists

Ukraine For The Future is a project that artist Olga Morozova has set up for this collection, organized by Kyiv Councillor, Yaroslav Gorbunov, as part of the Kyiv forum of volunteers. The fund will help support talented young artists in Kyiv by providing essential art supplies and materials to further their skills. With Olgas' teaching, and access to tools through this foundation, we can invest in the talented younger generations in Ukraine. From all Loveletter to Kyiv sales, 20% of proceeds to Ukraine for the Future. 


Olga's Story

Many students who remained in Kyiv during the war have been unable to escape the realities of frequent air raids, violence and war. Artist Olga Morozova has been teaching in the shelters, and has noticed how powerful this time can be to create art, escape the realities and nurture skills. "We have learned to live in the moment. And creativity feeds. I myself live and teach this to students. Making the most of the time we have." Olga Morozova.

"I think this will help the gifted youth. Many students cannot buy the necessary materials (paints, canvases, ect.) and they really want the support. After all, they stayed in Kyiv, often working in extreme conditions, but they never ceased to enjoy life and hope." 

If you would like to learn how the money is being spent, get in touch to receive a weekly report on the use of money, photos and videos of the activities of this project. The minimum amount to provide everything necessary for one student is 100 pounds. Now Olga is working with two groups of students, 12 people each. But of course we will be glad for any help from you and from the people of Great Britain. Each pound donated for the implementation of this project "Ukraine of the Future" will help support the talented youth remaining in Ukraine and support the Ukraine of the future.

How it's spent

‘Ukraine for the Future’ is organized by Yaroslav Gorbunov via the Kyiv forum of volunteers and run by Olga Morozova. Gorbunov's personal experience of volunteering and charitable work is over 23 years. In the context of a full-scale war and the forced mass immigration of people from Ukraine caused by military operations, our team sees one of the main goals of our activity is the preservation and development of knowledge, skills and creativity of people who remained in Ukraine and who, first of all, will restore Ukraine after our inevitable victory! That is to build the Ukraine of the future!


Above: Olga teaches a class of students whilst passing time in the subway during an air raid warning. 
If you would like to support 'Ukraine for the Future,' you can do so directly by donating to the organisation. The details of which can be downloaded here.
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