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Asymmetric Heirloom

A Diamond for Ellie's Mum

A reworked platinium mount diamond set into a 9ct hand carved yellow gold asymmetric band. Dreamed up by Ellie to make a Christmas gift unlike any other, the whole family contributed jewellery to help make up this piece and gift a diamond ring to Ellie's mum.


The Brief

Ellie approached with the intention of creating her mother her first diamond ring. For sentimental reasons, she wanted to rework pieces of jewellery from the family to create the new ring, such as this crumpled 9ct gold signet seen opposite. An antique platinum mounted diamond ring from her Auntie was to be reworked used for this piece.

Screen Shot 2021-06-13 at 09.17.12.png

The Design

Ellie expressed an interested in a refined but untraditional diamond ring. We explored asymmetric styles of setting before choosing this final design. An important consideration was to create a ring that would be easy to wear for crutch use, so the design was made compact and with the diamond sitting close to the hand.


The Process

The ring was carved by hand to fit the diamond centre-piece before lost wax casting. The gold from her Granddad's signet ring was reworked and cast to form the band, whilst the Platinium mounted diamond was reworked from Auntie's ring to form this piece.


Final Piece

Ellis's mum was taken away with her ring. It made for a truly special occasion, and seeing all the family contribute towards this piece helped add such an immense sense of sentiment to the ring.

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