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Bree Runway 'She's that girl' : Rolling Stones Magazine, Issue 8, November 2022

Bree Runway — real name Brenda Mensah — makes it look easy. Her kaleidoscopic vision is due in part to the fact that she is a child of the music channel generation. “Flicking from MTV all the way to the white rock channels like Kerrang! showed me what you’re supposed to give. Looks need to be served. Nothing I saw was boring. Since I was a kid, I knew that if you are in this position to be a pop star you needed to wow,” she explains.

Bree Runway looking the part as she interviewed and was photographed for Rolling Stones Magazine UK. Wearing The Ancients, Blade Hoops.

Bree Runway for Rolling Stone UK. Bree wears dress by Paco Rabanne; unreleased Pearl Blade Dancer Earrings by Phoebe Walsh Jewellery; necklaces by Vivienne Westwood and Hannah Martin (Picture: Stoney/Styling: Holly Wood)